Prost, or cheers in German, is something you might be hearing the next couple weeks as the world starts their annual Oktoberfest festivities. Reported as the largest funfair in the world, Oktoberfest attracts over six million attendees each year to join in the historical celebrations in Munich, Germany. The festival was first celebrated on October 12, 1812 as part of the marriage celebrations between Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and his wife, Princess Therese. Since then, Oktoberfest has been celebrated by the people of Bavaria every year. What we here in the United States recognize as a celebration of German culture and, of course, German beer, is actually simply a country fair, complete with all the favorite country fair pastimes. It’s a time where people can come to toast prost to the bounty of the summer that has just passed.

Today as you probably are quite aware, Oktoberfest is not only celebrated in Munich, but throughout the world: from Germany, to the US, to even faraway places such as Vietnam, people come together for the two week period at the end of September. So in honor of the one-hundred eighty-first Oktoberfest, we invite you to join us at Morrell Wine Bar, where we have a selection of artisanal and quality brews and ales. We hope to see you sometime during the next couple weeks and hear toasts of “Prost!”,