Last Friday, we hosted another educational tasting event, led by our very own General Manager and Wine Director, Anna-Christina Cabrales and her fellow Sommelier Society of America instructor, Denise Barker! This dynamite duo guided the journey through Hermitage in Rhone Valley and Jaboulet’s complex history. 

The tasting included:

  • Champagne Labruyere ‘Prologue’ Extra Brut NV
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘Chevalier de Sterimberg’ Hermitage Blanc 2014
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘Thalabert’ Crozes Hermitage 2012
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘La Maison Bleue’ Hermitage 2010
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘La Chapelle’ Hermitage 2006
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘La Chapelle’ Hermitage 2011
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘La Chapelle’ Hermitage 2013
  • Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘La Chapelle’ Hermitage 2016

Some classic tasting notes for these wines are toasted leather, dried plums, lavender, and thyme.

Jaboulet La Chapelle Hermitage’s history goes all the way back to 1834. And since being discovered by Antoine Jaboulet, this label has produced some of the top wines in the world. Since the Frey family purchasing the domaine, wine collectors around the world have been intrigued to watch the resurgence and new life that they bring to the domaine. 

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