With the weather getting hotter, our June prestige Champagne by the glass feature is making our transition into summer as smooth and delightful as possible: Bruno Paillard N.P.U. 1999. And the story behind these bubbles is as compelling as the unbeatable quality.

Bruno Paillard’s family involvement in Champagne production traces back to 1704, so his interest in the industry was not unforeseen. What made Paillard a pioneer, though, was the creation of a new brand (in 1981), which the region hadn’t seen in nearly a century. When asked why he pursued the risky endeavor, Bruno Paillard explained, “I had a dream. A dream of creating a Champagne of a very specific kind. Of a purity and minerality that did not exist on the market because everyone was trying to follow the style of the market leader.”

Also unique in the market, Paillard provides the date of disgorgement on every bottle to disprove the belief that Champagne cannot age. It also allows the consumer to explore the complexity and mystery of post-disgorgement aging.

Wine Spectator honored the Bruno Paillard N.P.U. 1999 with 93-points, and the house’s particular style combines purity, elegance, and complexity while maintaining the lightness essential to Paillard. The Champagne’s success has grown exponentially since its unpredictable beginnings just more than 30 years ago, but never at the cost of his original mission of quality and precision. Reading reviews of the classic vintage evokes the sensation of enjoying a glass, but words hardly describe the individual personality of this boutique wine.

Bruno Paillard N.P.U. 1999 will be available at Morrell Wine Bar & Café for the month of June.