greenhook (1 of 1)Greenhook Ginsmiths: American Dry Gin

It took two brothers from Brooklyn with a little vision and a lot of passion. This is a truly artisanal Gin, distilled in Greenpoint Brooklyn, N.Y. and delivering some of the most gorgeous aromatics you could imagine. According to founder Steven DeAngelo, the secret is in their careful distillation process, which is completed at much lower temperatures than usual. This allows the ingredients to show their inherently fresh and vibrant characteristics.

Nose to the glass, the American Dry Gin is remarkably fragrant and intense with a bouquet of peppery spice, coriander, citrus, chamomile and cinnamon. It’s refined and floral on the palate with perfect focus and smooth textures. Floral and spice notes Linger on and on through the finish. It’s literally good enough to enjoy on its own, yet would also make an amazing martini or gin and tonic.

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